Who hasn’t heard about “Fortnite” yet? It has been called the biggest game in the world, attracting more than 80 million players each month. “Fortnite” was launched in September 2017. The game is free and is available on a vast number of platforms, including mobiles, consoles and computers, which makes the game even more appealing. Also, the ability to play the game on a multiplayer mode called “Battle Royale”, helped it to reach its peak popularity too. No wonder that it even has attracted government’s attention as well, as young people quickly became addicted to the game.

One Reddit user shared a post about meeting a guy through “Fortnite” and leaving a recommendation on his LinkedIn page and it quickly went viral.

“Someone I met through “Fortnite” added me on LinkedIn, so I wrote him a recommendation”

People in the comment section absolutely loved the recommendation