If you ever tried selling anything online, you know that things can go south very quick. Some potential buyers go out of their way to get a better deal, often not even asking, but simply demanding the seller to knock down prices to absurd levels. One such interaction was shared by an internet user all_american_angel and details some of the horrors all internet sellers dread. As they were trying to sell their Ford truck, one person showed interest, but things slowly devolved into a complete mess. “I honestly think I was trolled” they speculated. “In the seller’s defense I may be asking too much. I deleted my ad and I may keep the truck for a while. I want to make sure I’m not ripping anyone off” they added. Scroll down below to read the full exchange and tell us what you think!

More info: Reddit | Cover image credits: cogdogblog

One internet user recently shared an exchange they had with a person who wanted to buy their truck


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