At Floios we believe that nature is created in golden proportion and shouldn’t be changed by people. We respect and admire nature. It is our home.

We create handmade Sustainable jewelry from recycled silver recovered from electronic waste.

Floios collections are inspired by seasons&plant symbolism, creating a strong yet minimal aesthetic. We use unaltered plant shapes and create modern accessories that appeal to the green&concious woman of today.

Our designs are created by plants, WE ARE DESIGN FORAGERS.

Jewelry pieces are minimalistic unaltered forms of nature, its shape forever captured in a shell of silver.

Floios collections are inspired by NATURE itself.

More info:

Floios jewelry designed by nature

Sustainable and handmade jewelry designed by nature itself

Orchid – BEAUTY AND LOVE necklace

Happiness bracelet – there is always SYMBOLIC MEANING BEHIND OUR JEWELRY


Nature is perfect