A social media user who is very much into fitness and health started up a fiery discussion online and ended up getting roasted. The drama started after he shared a photo of his family at the beach and explained what he and his partner feed their child.

One of the things that the fitness fanatic mentioned is that his son is “lean” because he doesn’t eat processed foods. And that’s when the bombshells started. Social media users rushed to roast the dad for his parenting and for mentioning leanness at all when it comes to a baby. After all, baby fat has its uses as a baby grows (more on that below).

Have a look at how some people reacted to the dad’s words. Note, at the time of writing, the dad had taken down their original post and has protected their social media posts. We’re also omitting some identifying information so that the family doesn’t get harassed further.

A bodybuilder fanatic got show down on the internet for talking about how “lean” his baby son is

Surprisingly, baby humans are born with a higher body fat percentage (15%) than harp seals (10%) and guinea pigs (11%). We’re also born ‘fatter’ than our primate cousins. According to the Sapiens anthropology magazine, infant fatness reaches its peak between 4 and 9 months at around 25 percent, after which it starts going down. To talk about leanness during this period of time is weird and raises some questions about health and parenting.

“A human baby’s brain is massive relative to its body size and is estimated to use around 50 to 60 percent of a baby’s energy budget. That means if there are any shortfalls in energy or if an infant’s nutrition is poor, there can be serious consequences. As such, babies have large energetic reserves in the form of fat deposits that they can use if nutrition is inadequate,” Sapiens writes.

“High fat at birth is particularly useful for humans, who go through a sort of fasting period after birth while waiting for their mother’s breast milk to come in; the first milk, or colostrum, is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting antibodies but is lower in sugar and fat content than regular breast milk.”

What’s more, babies need lots of energy for growth and fighting off any and all illnesses. Having fat stores to provide this energy is very useful as babies need more and more energy that can’t be provided by just breast milk. In modern times, we complement a baby’s mother’s milk with nutritionally dense food, however, we didn’t have those for the majority of human history.

“Between increasingly complex nutritional needs and the demand for energy necessary to fight off illness, human babies use their baby fat reserves as an essential energetic buffer for these transition periods, allowing them to feed their brains and continue their growth.”

Here’s how some people reacted to the dad’s post

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The fitness-focused dad, who is a bodybuilder, shared that he and his loved one feed their son whole eggs, whole fruit, and whole vegetables. They also only give him water to drink, nothing else.

Some internet users joked that their cheese-loving kids could take on the bodybuilder’s son. Meanwhile, others turned their sarcasm dials all the way up to 11 and poked fun at the father for suggesting that feeding kids all-natural food products is something novel and stunning.

However, the biggest point of confusion for many of the commenters was why the dad would decide to call his son lean and what that has to do with a baby at all when he can’t even walk and talk yet, let alone work out.

And here’s what some other people have been saying