The Fifty United Plates Map Set is a collection of interlocking porcelain plates that fit together to create the contiguous United States measuring 7 x 4 feet, a feast-sized setting handcrafted by Corbé. The Map Set pays homage to the hardworking makers, farmers, and doers across the country; a tribute to where you are, what you’re making, doing, eating, loving and living.

The collection was introduced through Kickstarter in 2013 by pitching the two part project to raise funds for ceramic studio equipment. The campaign took off, hitting its funding goal in the first day and largely carried our ‘State Plate’ reward.

To complete this hard-earned project in the hard working city of Detroit feels right, like Corbé is exactly where it’s supposed to be. There is true pride in Detroit’s homage to locality, from vacant lands to community gardens, restaurants with progressive menus and fair pay, and grant programs to give local entrepreneurs a literal foundation for their innovations. We’re pulling up a seat at the table where we’ve set the Fifty United Plates Map Set and in the sweet company of makers, neighbors, and family, let’s enjoy the feast; we’ve saved you a seat.

The Fifty United Plates Map Set

California State Plate with Pear Dessert

State Plates are the take away version of the larger set, they are scaled to a median size with an average dimension of 13 inches on the longest side. Designed for use in the home, they are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.

Michigan State Plate

Pouring porcelain slip into Illinois State Plate mold

Cleaning up a New York State Plate

Each plate is touched by many hands from casting to firing.

Handmade in our Detroit, MI studio

A porcelain map of the contiguous United States