Winter is rapidly approaching (for some of us at least) and it’s already time to start thinking about ways to keep warm during those long dark nights until Spring. And what better way to stay cozy than with these beautifully realistic felt animal scarves designed by Celina and Maja Debowska.

Based in Krakow, Poland, the sisters run an independent fashion label called Celapiu. Their scarves feature a variety of different animals including foxes, swans, rabbits and cats, and are all handmade used locally-sourced materials. “I like to think of my products as “surrealistic”,” says Celina on the company’s Etsy page. “Playful, out of context, conceptual – these are few keywords to grasp celapiu’s spirit. I play with styles, shuffle between cartoon kitsch and urban deconstruction.” Head over to Etsy where you can find the full range.

More info: Etsy (h/t)

You can buy these scarves on Etsy