The bigger the cat, the better because there’s more of it to snuggle, wouldn’t you agree? As long as the feline’s healthy and happy, of course. Well, get ready to see an adorably fat cat.

Meet Fat Fred. He’s an adorable chonky catto who went viral on the internet after someone posted photos of a veterinary clinic and its funny signs online. The point of the sign was most likely to answer the questions that the vet clinic’s patients or random passers-by might have when they see Fred for the first time.

We have to hand it to the clinic, it sure knows how to draw attention. We also love the addition of the Spanish post-it note in the upper right that reads: “El Gato más gordo Fat Fred” which translated means “The fattest cat Fat Fred.”

Bored Panda reached out to Imgurian KneeAppallingTanIceCream who posted the story about the chubby cat online and they were happy to have a chat.

“I just happened to look down and read the funny posters as I was passing by. I immediately walked to the window to see if Fred was there because, you know, who doesn’t want to see a 28lb cat?”

This vet clinic has a hilarious sign about Fat Fred the cat

Image credits: KneeAppallingTanIceCream

Image credits: KneeAppallingTanIceCream

“The sun was blinding so I tried to stand off to the side to get a pic and ended up with a pepper ghost effect. Which I didn’t even know was a thing until this post,” KneeAppallingTanIceCream told Bored Panda.

“Unfortunately the vet was closed that day so I could only watch the adorable cat from the window. He was very playful even though the window. As far as a pet slimming down, an appropriate cat diet with some good activity time each day should help. I am actually about to go out of state, but plan on visiting Fred when I get back after the holidays.”

The clinic made some humorous allusions to the fact that Fred likes sitting on small children and is having problems keeping up with his diet. It’s also hilarious that the clinic suggests that if people want to adopt a cat, there are some “smaller models available.”

Naturally, lots of Imgurians loved Fat Fred, with over 3,400 of them upvoting the post within a day. Some liked how big he was, others chuckled at the Spanish post-it, while still others drew attention to how Fat Fred, ironically, looks transparent in the photo.

Cats need to have a good diet and get plenty of exercise

However much we might like our chonky cattos, the truth is, being overweight is very bad for them (just like other animals) and can drastically shorten their lifespan.

So if you see that your pet needs to slim down and get healthier, the first thing you should do is go to your vet who will give you details about how many Kit-Kats your overweight cat should be eating each day. Your vet will also give your feline an exercise plan to make sure there are no drastic swings in weight.

According to Pet MD, the best foods that help cats lose weight are high in protein, have plenty of fiber, as well as lots of moisture content. The latter two help your cat feel full so it doesn’t get hungry immediately after eating.

So it’s always better to opt for wet food rather than dry food. You should also avoid cat food that’s high in carbs and fats. Lastly, being on a diet doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cheat meal once in a while. Vets recommend that treats make up only 10 percent or less of the total calories your feline eats every day. And remember: if your cat’s begging for food, it might be starved for your attention, not for tasty treats.

Internet users really enjoyed reading the vet clinic’s sign about Fat Fred and seeing a photo of him