Hey everyone, my name is Olivia Rose and I’m a fantasy artist based in the UK. I draw using traditional mediums such as markers water-colours inks and paints and occasionally pastels (I occasionally use photoshop too). Most of my inspiration comes from natural things like flowers, insects, corals and various other structures. At the moment I am obsessed with drawing ladies of the sea covered in shells starfish and corals!

My creation process is quite random which can be frustrating at times but I never have an idea set out or planned first I just start sketching and see what comes out the same goes with the colour choices it’s all very random. Sometimes this can be nice but not during a serious art block! I usually spend anywhere between 5 – 15 + creating pieces but it all depends on my mood and how much I’m enjoying the piece it also depend on the scale. My preferred sized to work on is A4 but occasionally I’ll challenge myself with a slightly larger A3 piece. I’ve also more recently started experimenting with drawing on wood.

I first started drawing about 10 years ago and first started my drawing career selling prints in Camden market which was a lot of fun! I soon moved to selling online and trying to make a name for myself over various social media such as Facebook and Instagram. I never really cracked twitter I’m still trying though.

I most recently self-published my first larger book called Utopia and have just successfully received funding via kick-starter for my second book ‘Daydreams’ Im so excited for this book as it has a tonne more pages than my first so it will be nice and juicy and thick aha!

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Angel Ariel

The Caterpillar queen

The little mermaid

Dark Matter


Dream sweeper