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20 Modern Remakes Of Famous Paintings
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20 Modern Remakes Of Famous Paintings


We all probably know these beloved classical art masterpieces, but not like this! Here are 20 great examples of famous paintings that have been reproduced creatively by a few very crafty art lovers with photo cameras.

It all began when partnered with Adobe to create the Remake project, which invited students across the U.K. to recreate famous artworks with photography. According to the competition’s requirements, none of the images recreating the oil paintings could be Photoshopped – “all the work here happens before you take the photo, rather than afterward.”

Not all of the images are from and Adobe’s competition – a few have been floating around online from other sources. However, they all follow the same rules – re-create famous drawings without using digital effects. The coolest thing is that they feature various levels of interpretation – some people went for picture-perfect representations, while others opted to focus more on the general themes that the original famous oil paintings represent, or to present the same idea or scene in a modern light.

Scroll down below to check these fantastic classical art memes!

There is one exception to these rules – the Vincent Van Gogh remake by Tadas Černiauskas. While it’s an excellent remake, the artist did digitally retouch the image to get the likeness right, so it doesn’t quite fit the rules.


“Self Portrait 1889” by Vincent van Gogh

Image credits: Tadao Cern | facebook

“Son Of Man” by Magritte


Image credits: Juan de Ezcurra

“The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo

Image credits: gebbs

“Bedroom in Arles” by Van Gogh


Image credits: Joshua Louis Simon

“American Gothic” by Grant Wood

Image credits: Jesse John Hunniford

“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dalí

Image credits: unknown

“Weeping Woman” by Picasso

Image credits: Frances Adair Mckenzie

“The Death of Marat” by David


Image credits: Ewa Wiktoria Dyszlewicz

“Ugly Duchess” by Quentin Matsys

Image credits: Alexandre Mury

“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich

Image credits: Spencer Harding

“Self Portrait” by Frida Kahlo

Image credits: Bazooka Betty

“Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth

Image credits: Meg Wachter

“The Girl With The Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer


Image credits: unknown

“La laitière” by Johannes Vermeer

Image credits: Justine Rioufrait

“Grande Odalisque” by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Image credits: Craig White

“Therese Revant” by Balthus

Image credits: Chloe Van Overmeir

“Lady with an ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci

Image credits: Wanda Martin

“Portrait of Sylvia Von Harden” by Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix


Image credits: Stephan Hoffman & SoYeon Kim

“La bonne foi” by Magritte

Image credits: Noemi Mazzucchelli


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