So, several months ago, my friend became internet-famous with her images of famous Disney characters imagined as humans. Since then, a veritable smorgasbord of copycat “Disney characters as humans!” posts have come and gone, and each one has been lacking one huge key issue that Pugletto addresses so gracefully and beautifully – if Lion King takes place in Africa, then why are they white? And Sebastian is so obviously Caribbean, so why is his human-self not?

Thanks for letting me get that out. Pug’s interpretation of these famous Disney characters takes their geography, their dialect, their mannerisms, and even their look as an animal into account when rendering them as humans, and it gives them a touch of realism and reliability I haven’t seen in any of the other “human-ized” Disney characters floating around the web. Here are few newer works of hers.

More info:

Lady & the Tramp

Oliver and Dodger

Sebastian the crab


And here are few of her older works: Simba

Lady And The Tramp



Nala, Zazu And Simba

The Hyenas