When trying to think of a new way to showcase our life-size handcrafted wood cutouts, we stumbled upon the idea of shooting our pieces around iconic areas in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a beautiful city, that is forever changing, so our hope is to not only capture the art but capture a piece of history. 

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For this first series we focused on nearby Hollywood areas, but we definitely have plans to explore other cool cities in the future!

More info: idiotboxartwork.com

Liquor Locker

4ft Barney (The Simpsons) in front of Liquor Locker on Sunset Boulevard.

Laugh Factory

6ft Mash up (Family Guy/ The Simpsons) in front of Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard.

Nick Metropolis Collectible

4ft Pickle Rick (Rick and Morty) in front of Nick Metropolis Collectible on Sunset Boulevard.

In-N-Out Burger

4ft Stan (American Dad) in front of In-N-Out Burger on Sunset Boulevard.