Autumn in New York City is a magical time of year. Many people venture off to the mountains upstate New York to ogle at the fall foliage. When you don’t feel like packing up the car and taking a trip, some of the best fall colors could be found right here in the five boroughs of New York City.

If the weather is particularly warm into October, the foliage is best in November. Central Park for one is ablaze in the colors of autumn, as it has one of the highest concentration of trees in the city. Walking and photographing there in Autumn, is one of my favorite things to do. It is pure magic.

Autumn is loaded with activities in New York City. The green markets on the streets are loaded with different types of apples for sale, the Village Halloween Parade is a fan favorite and is held every October 31st. And of course the annual Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade which makes way for the Christmas in New York Season which everyone loves. But just to walk around and take in the red and gold colors all around you is a perfect fall activity just by itself.

The daytime weather in October can tend to be mild, around 65 degrees, but the temperatures do drop at night so do bring a jacket if you plan to venture out. In November it is significantly chillier.

Angel of the Waters at Bethesda Terrace in the Heart of Central Park

There is a secret street which is not open to the public in the West Village located on Grove Street. If you visit there in October you can peer through the gate and be taken on a trip into a little Halloween town of the past

The West Village looks like harvest time in the street. When October comes many residents decorate the trees on the sidewalks in beautiful harvest time decor. The orange pumpkins and maize color the cornstalks compliment the brickwork on the brownstones that line the streets

The Ramble Stone Arch in Central Park

A Path leading to Bethesda Terrace at Nightfall in Central Park

A secluded bench in Battery Park looks like something out of a fairy tale. Walk a few steps and your in the middle of the busy bustling city of New York

Most delis on the streets of Manhattan do their best to make the outside street look like an Urban harvest festival. Here you can find pumpkins, scarecrows and haystacks for sale

A rainy autumn afternoon in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. Even when it is gloomy out, autumn burns bright here

The Parsonage in Staten Island’s Old Historic Richmond Town. Historic Richmond Town consists of more than 30 historic buildings and sites dating from the late 17th to the early 20th centuries. Visitors may take a guided tour of various homes and shops that are fully furnished and restored to specific periods of interpretation. Tour guides are dressed in period costumes

The Mall in Central Park. This spot is one of the busiest spots in the park. The Literary Walk, found at the southern end of the Mall, contains statues of such well-known literary figures as William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Burns among others

A typical Sunday in Central Park in autumn

Take a ferry ride across to Governors Island

In the last week of October, Governors Island holds the Night of 1,000 Jack O Lanterns. Here you can walk through rows and rows of glowing hand carved pumpkins. To get into the festival you will have to pass the spooky Castle Willams, a former military fort and prison built in the early 1800’s. There is also live carving demonstrations by the artists. 1000’s of Jack O Lanterns against the NYC skyline.

The West Village is one of the best places to walk and check out all the old brownstones decked out in spooky Halloween fashion. Many residents here go all out for Halloween as the Village Halloween parade draws 1000’s of people to the neighborhood every year

Brooklyn Haunts. If you take a walk in the last week of October in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, your eyes will get tons of tricks and treats up almost every street in this neighborhood