This weekend saw the onslaught of many fans and enthusiasts alike of the comic book world and its relative fanfare make the usual pilgrimage every year to the New York Comic Con. A convention that showcases an appreciation for everything from comics to anime, and down the line to literary and general off the wall takes on either memes and whatever fandom is on the up that year. But there was one particular goer who saught out to blow up the definition and challenge what it means to dress up as your favorite character. 

There in all its meta regalia was a costumer who would wow us with a take on honoring our favorite obsession, by posing as the building that houses it; this near perfection representation of the Jakob Javits center. The building that for years has held the beloved convention. In all my experience with these things, and they are numerous, I never encountered an approach like this, but this is so good and I am so done, that many believe no more cosplay be had furthermore. The cosplayer, as yet previously unknown, but after numerous research was identified as Ariel Krupnik. A famed cosplayer, known for the likes of crawling on the floor for a disruptive few hours as the tortoise in Breaking Bad at the con in 2014. He apparently has been pushing the limits of dedication to the craft and of his hobby for the con, that to his friends an outing like this doesn’t come much a surprise. A casual observation of his profiles would indicate the depth that cosplaying is more than just cloth on the body. At some point one becomes “one” with what they love. And when pressed for comment “something he does not for a living, but to live”. He states that “in order for one to have an original idea on what to do, one must expose themselves to every idea ever done, and build from there”. We applaud you for the building, sir, and way to think inside the box. Even if fulfilling all the meta-gasm cosplaying dreams we never thought we’d see.

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