Not everyone likes to play games, especially sore losers. Recently an employee at an escape room shared a negative review written by a group of sore losers who had missed the point of the game entirely. Escape rooms are team-building activities in which the members are challenged to follow the instructions and clues that will lead to their eventual release from a locked room. Unfortunately, these escapees were heavily disappointed by their adventure and had no hesitation in making this known through a 1-star review and commentary. Well sometimes bad reviews are in the eye of the beholder and the owner of the establishment was quick with a response that but these unhappy team on blast.

Someone on Reddit shared a 1-star review of the escape room where they work and their boss’s brutal comeback

Image credits: wikimedia (not the actual photo)

Reddit user u/demonswithlifevests posted the negative review to the subreddit quityourbullsh*t “A subreddit for screenshots, pictures, and images of people *calling* bullsh*t. Possibly with proof.” The review stated that their group had been annoyed with everything from the “rules on what we should and shouldn’t do,” to “clues that had nothing to do [with] this story.” Lastly, they called out the owner of the escape room, calling him rude.

As you can imagine the owner had some choice words for the group and was quick to call out the reviewer for not telling the whole truth of what actually happened.

Image credits: Chris Wronski (not the actual photo)

People in the comments thought the boss handled the situation perfectly