I specialise in botanical sculpture, often encapsulating or suspending my living works. I explore the ephemeral, natural change and preservation allowing my work to evolve as nature takes its course offering the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. Alongside my personal artistic practice, I established Botanique in 2013. Botanique creates bespoke installations with the ethos of elevating plants to works of art.

In these new photographic and sculptural pieces, I investigate the relationship between two natural elements, juxtaposing the organic and the inorganic qualities of plants and minerals, respectively, resulting in the great aesthetic beauty that nature delivers. The association of the seemingly stabilised crystals and the breakdown of the plant as it decays towards death, evokes the relationship that exists often in nature between parasite and host, begging a comparison of the parasitic association we hold with our own world.

In the sculptural pieces, the physical plants are held, suspended, in space but not in time, showing directly the consuming effects of the crystals in relation to their fragile host. Despite the seemingly opposing structural changes, both the plants and crystals move, gradually, towards a decline in order.

The photos in this series were shot in collaboration with Tal Silverman.

More info: botanique-boutique.com


Lapis Lazuli


Crystal Quartz