When coronavirus quarantine began I bought a camera and started to photograph food that I prepare.

I’m not a professional photographer. I’m a teacher of Russian language and my hobby is painting (usually in black and white), but I’m also good at cooking. When I eat my food I think: – OMG, I can’t believe that I made this super delicious food! :D I was already sharing my recipes on Instagram before coronavirus, so when quarantine started, I bought the camera to pass the time by cooking and taking pictures.

I hope you like the result. :)

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Vegan jaffa cakes

Pastry rose with apple and cinnamon


Russian cabage soup – shi

Donuts with jam

Hot cross buns


Lemon pie

Lemon pie

Carrot cake

Pumpkin soup


Vegan snickers bars

Vegan snickers bars

Pumpkin pie

Spinach and feta cheese pie

Zucchini and chicken pie


Eclairs with hazelnut creme

Eclairs with hazelnut creme

Feta cheese bread


Marble bread

Whipped coffee