While the whole world is feeling the restrictions of movement, one must think of new ways to have fun while staying at home. My name is Domantas and I am from Vilnius, Lithuania, and I have a crazy bunch of friends living in my industrial neighborhood. I have been flying with drones for over 5 years. So I have started to play with these toys before it was so cool! During my work shooting everything from commercials to music videos, I was always fascinated by the unconventional ways of using drones.

Before the quarantine was imposed, I bought a drone with a thermal camera and drop off system. While drones became popular during the quarantine because of their innovative capabilities, I was interested to find out what they can do for my good friend living nearby. During the self-isolation period, my neighbor needed a thermometer. I didn’t have a regular one, but instead I had a thermal imaging drone! I just had to tell my friend to open his window, packed the drone, and flew away for my first mission.

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My friend texted me that he was not feeling good

Lift-off of the thermal imaging drone, which can measure our friend’s temperature

Our courtyard is perfect for such games

The emergency response is here!

Gytis’s body temperature is not above the norm, all good

I let my friend know that he doesn’t have a fever. I planned to send him some medication, but instead, he asked for something else

On my other drone, I have installed a drop-off system and told my friend where and when he had to be in order to receive his shipment.

My favourite PS game fits perfectly in this sandwich box!

This system is usually used in fishing for feeding fish which are far away from the shore. But it also works great for shipping games

At exactly 5PM, Gytis came to the agreed location

The final moment

100% contactless delivery successful!

It seems that Gytis is in good spirits during the times of quarantine!

While my friend was unpacking the shipment, I flew over with another drone to watch everything and have some more fun.

I hope this will be a new experience for my friend

The other drone is special—it has a powerful mounted speaker which allows it to broadcast sound in real-time

For a long time, I couldn’t decide what to say through the speakers, and ended up just playing some goat screams. Check the video of this story for sound!

It feels like his emotions are fake… But I hope he’ll love it!

After sundown, I decided to fly over and check what my friend is doing

For safety, the lift-off area was lit by another drone. Drones everywhere!

It looks like he has a joystick in his hands!

Action! Goat on the trampoline!

Deadmau5, is that you?

I think yes. Just the goat edition of him!

After a little while, Gytis sent me this picture. Hopefully, the quarantine will be a bit more fun for him!

And I’m shining a light over myself with a drone that has a LED light mounted on top instead of a speaker, waving and wishing you a good game!