The story: A fairytale about a girl dreaming of becoming Lana del Rey. She sits in her room with walls covered in posters, just like in a Sofia Coppola coming-of-age movie. She dreams of botanical gowns and crazy embroideries, while she dances barefoot singing made up Portuguese lyrics.

The Concept: We create elaborate scenography for showcasing our designs. Our brand, Chotronette makes fairytale-inspired dresses and for every collection, we try to make elaborate photoshoots. This time, we were half-in-love with Lana del Rey, so we made up a parallel universe where she would fit perfectly – filled with ivy, flowers and balloons.

The idea for this photoshoot came to life when we first met our lovely model, Ioana Madalina Ghileschi, who is our Lana. All we needed was a photographer who shared our vision and aesthetics, so we were very happy that Andreea Retinschi accepted our challenge.

More info:

Making of ‘Lana’

Scenography: Chotronette
Dresses: Chotronette
Photography: Andreea Retinschi
Make up & hair style: Andreea Matran