Hi! I’m Elina Puohiniemi, a doodler from Finland. I first started doodling a couple of years ago to find solutions to my questions about life, love and the shadowside of humanity. (It’s sometimes quite a tricky one – this thing we called life.)

I journaled as I studied life and this character that I now call Mira popped out of my pen to help me. She caught my attention and I became ever curious to find out what she had to say to me.

Day by day as I doodled on, her messages started to get lighter and more loving (at first they felt like slaps in the face, do-h!) and one day I realized that I’ve created a character that brings hope, love and understanding not only to me daily, but also to all my lovely followers. Mira(cle)Doodles were born.

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As A Visual Learner Studying Life Through Doodling Is A Game-Changer

Whenever I Spot A Great Lesson I Doodle It To Let It Sink In

Sometimes I Get Inspiration From My Dreams

Sometimes My Inspiration Comes From Some Famous Quotes

Sometimes Mira Just Laughs When I Try To Be Too Serious

And Sometimes All The Characters I’ve Created Go Silly

With Sandy, Her Friend, Mira Points Out Many Great Lessons

And When Life Gets More Intense It’s Great to Take a Step Back and See The Bigger Picture

Because Basically It’s Our Thoughts That Do The Thing Anyway

And It All Adds Up To This


And Surrender Yourself To The Beauty of This Journey Called Life

And Stay Curious Because You Never Know What You Might Find