Don’t You Want Me is a global documentary photography project showcasing the beauty and resilience of LGBTQ people with their rescue dogs. Please help strengthen this global community by sharing and highlighting this important work and fundraising appeal.

Coupling compelling images and personal narratives, DYWM shows that individuals of all stripes have the ability to transform their lives when they are given love and the question of ‘who rescued who’ becomes universal, no matter how you identify.

Launched in November at the start of Trans Awareness Week and just in time for the holiday season, Don’t You Want Me debuts their long-awaited video, DYWM is building on their already established base of stories and seeking to reach a wider, global audience. Queer and trans people all over the world have a unique experience of gender, identity, and family. By helping them tell their previously untold stories – with the help of the bond they share with their dogs through images and storytelling – we are starting on the road to help create a more compassionate society.

YOU can help these stories get told by highlighting this important work. The holiday season can be one of the most difficult times of the year for queer and trans people. Let’s change the narrative together. Why is this project so important? Jack Jackson, co-founder, responds:

“The project shows what happens when LOVE is taken away – by discrimination, hate and ignorance – and how people flourish when it is given back. Queer people simply need the same things as everybody else – love, purpose and family. For many reasons, queer people can end up living outside of the typical family structure and it’s easy to see how dogs might provide that sense of family. Many of our participants to date have been trans, and their stories are a powerful resilient and previously silenced voice teaching society how discrimination and gender inequality harms us all.”

More info:

Toby and Flynt, by Jack Jackson

Avi and Warren, by Jack Jackson

Reuben and Luna, by Deb Klein

William and Bella, by Jack Jackson