I happen to own the least photogenic dog ever. As a pet photographer I thought I was very lucky: Our first dog, Australian Shepherd Tolkin, smiled whenever he saw the camera.

When we got our second dog, I was hoping for similar lovely pictures of the two of them. It started off promising with some really cute shots. But the older Penny got, the more I had to realise she’s different.

Actually, she’s the complete opposite of Tolkin: She photobombs any photo I want to take of both of them.

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The least photogenic dog ever

It started off promising

At first she only photobombed the pics

Then I tried hard to get a good photo of her, too

Soon I realised it would be more difficult than I had thought..

At least one dog is smiling…

I had some new photo ideas, but only one dog looked good in them

Can you carry the “love”-sign?

Can you make a cute face whilst running towards me?

…or maybe look cute whilst just sitting in the grass?

I tried again a few months later with a new photo idea… to get this result

But what can I say? I still love my little monster to bits!