Dogs and soccer have a long history together. As well as the countless, mainly hilarious occasions of puppy pitch invasions, there is the famous story of Pickles, who in 1966 found the World Cup (The actual World Cup). It had been stolen the week before and was being held for ransom by thieves. Pickles became an instant celebrity, earning medals, winning dog of the year, a free supply of food and going on to star in the movie The Spy with the Cold Nose.

The latest encounter between our furry friends and the beautiful game occurred in Argentina, where an adorably eager pup decided that she could do better than the players out on the pitch and took matters into her own paws.

Showing some remarkably silky skills, it proved hilariously difficult to dislodge the persistent pooch from the ball. Charming players and fans alike with her enthusiasm, the stray dog even earned a post-match interview with TyC Sports. It didn’t go well however, as she decided to try to get away with the microphone as well!

According to Argentinian sports newspaper Olé, the home team San Lorenzo has decided to adopt the dog and have given her a job, scaring away the pigeons from the freshly seeded pitch. They won the match 1-0 and have since taken the little doggy into their hearts, seeing her as an important factor in securing the victory.

Check out the hilarious video below!

H/t: dodo

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