Hello, my name is Kağan Can Şit. I am 17 years old. I am trying to teach myself photoshop on the internet.

Uncovering unique environments and worlds. Something terrific. I really want to show people what I have done and learn their thoughts. I wanted to present you some of these worlds and beautiful moments.

I hope. In these pictures you will find something in your own world. Stay with your dreams. Use the link below if you want to reach me.

See you later…

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Missing Thoughts

The lost minds are reminiscent of an endless ocean.

It’s cold, dark and so scary.

Maybe I need some sleep. A deep sleep …

Can I find a piece of serenity in some part of these blues?

Never Leave

Never leave loved ones.

Life is short.

Know their value very well.

Journey to the World of Dreams?

They are sometimes fearless warriors,explorers, travelers, inventors, dreamers.

I am very careful with these things.

The world in your dreams is huge and vast.

Unattainable. Pure and clean. I hope one day…


The serenity of the sunset.

The daylight should leave itself slowly in the night.


The future is not far away.

Maybe you will.

One day we will even stop our home.

Protect the world and the environment.

Hello To The Stars

Watching the clouds over the stars.

The birds are discovering in the sky.

The winds are slowly accompanied.

Long Trip

I’d like to take a very long trip.

I want to tour all over the world, get to know people chat, get into trouble.

I want to be that cool, warm breeze that is expected of the sky.

That’s why I use dreams as a bridge.

Princess Of The Stars

Sometimes life is dull.

So imagine the long and beautiful days under the stars that shine in the sky.


She’s Always Free

You are always free.

Nobody can connect you to a thought.

Never forget this!

If You Were Lost In The Blue Of The Sea

Do you dream and want to get lost in your dreams ?

Pass your thoughts to life.

Do something different today.

Angel Queen

The queen at the fair was real.

He is not in the mind anymore.

Little Hero

Who’s going to decorate her dreams today with her little hero?

Will You Tell Me A Tale?

It’s a long story.

Lost Worlds, you’re talking about dreams.

Can We Watch The Fish Tohether?

Who would you like to see under the sea?

Hope On The Horizon

Never shut your doors down.

Anything can happen at any moment.