Working during holidays is such a drag, notably when you’re missing out on a fun night meant for trick or treating and Halloween costumes. One DMV employee in the San Diego area, however, made the most of his October 31st shift by cosplaying as the fastest sloth ever to register a license plate. You want it when?

That’s right – the bright guy showed up in full Flash Slothmore (a Zootopia character) garb and ended up becoming a viral Halloween star on Reddit for it. A photo of him channeling the Zootopia sloth and hard at work had more than 1.6 million views and was posted by two separate people visiting the DMV at the same time. In the background, another employee can be seen dressed as Snow White, further delving on the Disney themed Halloween costume ideas.

“So my friend went to the DMV on Halloween…”

Image credits: ub52107

Image credits: paochow

Image credits: ub52107

Image credits: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Needless to say, the Internet was pretty entertained