Cactus walls are all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest! We created our own using a stencil and the finished product is absolutely gorgeous.

This DIY project is super easy, inexpensive, and most of all fun! Who needs a filter when you can have a cactus wall?

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Instagrammable cactus wall

Simply load and offload the dense foam stencil roller and be sure to coat the roller evenly

We chose to use spray adhesive to help achieve crisp edges in addition to blue painter’s tape. The beauty of this stencil project is that you can vary the colors any way you want! You can easily transition from the lightest to darkest color or simply randomize your color selection for a more organic stenciled look!

Dampen your blending sponge with water and wring it out very well before you begin stenciling. Roll the body of the cactus with your 3 chosen stencil colors

While that paint is still wet, place your damp sponge on the body of the Prickly Pear stencil and pounce the sponge up and down, while slightly rotating your wrist for a natural blending of these colors. This will help blend your stencil colors together while also giving the cactus some texture! This stenciling technique may sound difficult but, it’s so easy! Keep pouncing until you’ve achieved your desired look!

Once you’ve finished blending, take a polyfoam brush and dab the pink color onto the fruit portion of the stencil

This will mimic the needles that Prickly Pears naturally grow!

Once you reach the bottom of the wall, use a stencil brush to pounce the paint down towards the baseboard

You can even bend the stencil to make sure the stencil fits into the crease of the baseboard. Simply repeat the blending process with your damp sponge and finish the stenciled cactus with the white dots.

With the stenciling brush, pounce the paint upwards towards the crown molding

Once each section is complete, peel back your stencil design and align it with the previously stenciled parts

Peel the stencil

Here’s the final result!

See the full process in the video below: