For those who are interested, I would like to show how we created the briefcase with hedgehogs.

Embossing on the cover is made on the vegetable tanned leather. The cover is also decorated with four corded braiding.

Firstly we sketch the design we want

Then we moisten the leather using a sponge or spray

To trace the sketch to the leather we use a press tool

Then the image is cut along the outline with swivel knife

Now it’s time to start the process of embossing

This is how the finished embossment looks like

We used Fiebings leather dyes to paint the image

After applying primary colors, the image was covered with protector and rubbed with antique gel

The briefcase is ready to be assembled, the only thing is left – the braiding

After doing the braiding, we applied acrylic paint and varnished the image and that’s it!