Learn how to make this wickedly easy Black Magic Candle for Halloween… or whatever Wiccan needs you may have…

You’ll love how the wax turns black when the candle is lit.

More info: acharmingproject.com

What you will need:


1) Soy Candle Wax Shaving (about 1 lb)

2)Gold oil based sharpie

3)Small rose bowl

4)Candle wicks

5)Black crayon

6)Paper cup

7)Not pictured – pencil, small knife, scissors, microwave, microwavable bowl

Step 1: Shave a black crayon and microwave it together with soy wax until they melt

Begin by gathering your soy wax shaving, and using a knife to shave down your black crayon (I used the entire crayon). Transfer the shavings into a microwavable bowl and microwave until the wax is completely melted. Depending on your microwave power this could take up to 3 minutes.

Step 2: Prepare your candle bowl by setting the candle wick in the center

Tip: use a pencil to keep the candle wick centered.

Step 3: Put the hot liquid into your glass bowl

Tip: I tried microwaving the wax in the paper cup but the hot wax started burning the cup! I heard a crackle, opened the microwave, smoke spilled out, and my smoke alarm went off. After a minute of flailing my pan holders in the air the alarm finally turned off. Phew. So take it from me, a microwavable bowl is the way to go! But transferring to the paper cup makes it easier to pour and helps prevent spills.

Step 4: Let the candle wax dry, then snip off the excess candle wick

Step 5: Use a gold sharpie marker to write your own Halloween saying

I used “black magic” since once the candle is lit the wax turns black.