Since I was a child, I loved manual work. I liked to sew, knit, work with wood. But my habits had to change once I had a family of my own. I had a boring office job with low pay and I started getting used to being a common housewife with a common life.

But I always had this feeling that I needed to change something and to do something that I love. I started writing a personal blog and suddenly I was able to combine passion with earning. Today my blog is the largest and the most popular DIY blog in Poland and everyday I show that with good instructions anybody can do beautiful thing themselves.

Two years ago, I raised the bar and I started to create time-lapse movies on Vine. I had no equipment, no skill, but I tried. I still show DIY tutorials but now in only 6 seconds.

I often get asked how much I take to prepare six second Vine? It all depends on the idea. There are some vines that I do in two hours, but there are others where I have to spend 6 hours in making. Vine is a very demanding medium. You have to have an idea and be able to show it in a really short time.

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The film nominated for #armstrongvineawards – Donut Pinboard

Lego Man Crayons

Picture Colour Palette

Sope Hearts

Bunny Napkin Rings

Wooden Pumpkins

Birthday Cake Box

Clothes Pin Picture Wreath

Photo Holder – Easel

Rainbow Wind Mobile

Lego Head Piniata

Monster Bookmark

Chicken Hat