My name is Kimberly Money and I'm a makeup artist and educator based in LA. I was born in Vietnam and now I'm studying fashion design at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, California. I got to know makeup very soon when my mom decided to let me sign up for a makeup class at the age of 13 because I was obsessed with the beauty industry.

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My inspiration for this series came from a day when I was watching "Snow White". At First, I just wanted to create a series only with Disney Princesses. But then I thought that Halloween is just around the corner so I decided to do haft villains, haft princesses, with FULL GLAM just to give it a little more interesting twist.

The series was made all by myself from coming up with the ideas, makeup, camera set up, to taking photos, and editing. 

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#4 Aurora & Maleficent

Aurora & Maleficent


Emelie 1 week ago

wow, the pentacle on the nail too!

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#5 Alice & The Red Queen

Alice & The Red Queen


EvieNiffler 1 week ago

A little too much for Alice. Should be more natural tones, maybe a little pastel blue. Beautiful work, but I don't think the character was kept in mind.

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