We, The Mobile Factory from the Netherlands, have found a solution to make the world a better place.

Starting in Haiti. Although the earthquake struck five years ago, there’s still 25 million tons of debris lying around. Many families affected by this terrible natural disaster are still living in grimy tents, on incomes below the poverty line.

We – a small group of rich Dutchmen living in luxury and freedom – can’t and won’t just stand by and watch this any longer. That’s why we came up with The Mobile Factory: a smart solution to give debris a new purpose. We can help people on the other side of the world – like in Nepal, recently – rebuild their community using concrete Lego bricks we designed.

More info: themobilefactory.org | indiegogo

We decided to give debris a new purpose – to turn it into new building blocks

Mobile Factory is placed in a location where there’s a lot of debris

Chunks of debris are put into a machine that transforms them into liquid concrete

These building blocks can be used to build new homes

That can simply be stacked, just like Lego bricks

One Mobile Factory produces enough building blocks every day to build 10 to 20 homes

Victims of war or natural disasters can finally rebuild the communities they lost