Love cats? Bulgarian artist Radoslav Dyulgerov a.k.a Catifyme took his love of cats to a new level. He skillfully turns people into cats to help them embrace their feline self. “Too often people grow tired of their human personality and I just encourage them to discover their better selves”, he says. He started almost three years ago and now has an impressive collection of furry … oops I mean fully clothed digital cats. Here are some of his most memorable drawings:

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Turns out not all cats were fully clothed after all

Much fun, so wow, very party

Just some sharp dressed cats

Birds make surprisingly good cats

Sister cats

The purrrfect wedding gift

The purrrfect wedding gift vol.2


RHCP – Catification

Some excellent cat colleagues

On a cat trip, hunting mice and stuff

Cat Face


College cats having a blast

Bonding father and son trip

And they lived happily even after

The artist can even turn mice to cats

The funny party bunch

Too awesome to caption

Win sass competition – check!

Hiss … pineapple mine!

Hey guys, wanna buy some pie?

She said “Yes!”