After the first person contracted the novel coronavirus at the beginning of December, a local Chinese doctor named Li Wenliang started raising alarms about the virus. However, the doctor was detained by authorities and accused of spreading rumors. A month later, Chinese authorities identified the novel coronavirus. By the end of January, Wuhan, which was confirmed to be the source of the virus, was put under lockdown. Movement was restricted in and out of the city. Panic started to set in.

Recently, someone translated a Chinese girl’s plea for help, which she posted on a Chinese social media platform called Weibo. Titled the “Diary of a girl in Wuhan”, the translated social media posts detail her experiences following the quarantine of the city’s 60 million residents. (Facebook cover image: James Watkins)

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After her heartbreaking posts gained traction, many people began offering help. The girl was also contacted by local journalists. A couple of days ago, her friend made an update saying that she is being treated in the hospital.