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Devil Went Down To Europe
User submission
Illustration3 years ago

Devil Went Down To Europe

Have you heard the latest news? The devil no longer wears Prada!

No, no, of course, he is still hiding in details. But now he drinks Cola, openly visits gambling houses, chilling out with the most powerful people of our time. Our world is changing rapidly, but Lord of Darkness still quite fits modernity, at least that’s how he is depicted in series of artworks “Sympathy for the Devil” by scandalous Russian artist Marina Mariarty .

In her works Devil is a humanized creature, much more likable rather than serious people in expensive suits, who are accompanied by charismatic antihero. Mariarty mocks at vices of our society and modern politics. The artist exposes the dirt of political games, raises the questions of where will the false values lead us and how will we end up if we don’t give up the cult of money and easy, empty pleasures? Due to the political motives of her art, Mariarty was forced to leave her homeland, recently exposing all over south Europe and working on new art projects.

But the most exciting is still ahead: the artist is planning to launch several city quests, based on her Devil paintings. Mariarty invites everyone to to join the treasure hunt!

That’s not a question: to play or not to play the Devil Games?

For more info:


More info: Instagram

“Taste of disaster”, 2019, mixed media, by Mariarty

“Game over”, 2017, oil on canvas, by Mariarty

“Permission to exist”, 2017, oil on board, by Mariarty

“Devil may cry”, 2017, oil on canvas, by Mariarty

“Devil went down to Russia”, 2017, oil on canvas, by Mariarty

“Welcome to my enclosure”, 2017, oil on canvas, by Mariarty

“Incantation”, 2019, oil on canvas, by Mariarty

“Artist at work”, 2017, oil on canvas, by Mariarty

“My Melancholy Blues”, 2017, oil on canvas, by Mariarty

“Let me introduce myself”, 2017, oil on canvas, by Mariarty


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