This is a very personal project. Depression and Addiction affect thousands of people every single day. I’ve personally gone through depression and still struggle with it. My ex-husband was/is addicted to hard drugs and alcohol and through dealing with that and the consequences of it, I was inspired to create this photography project. Having someone I loved dearly addicted to drugs and alcohol profoundly changed my life and who I was as a person. It changed how I saw life and the people in it. Watching my husband deteriorate and destroy our family eventually allowed me to appreciate the small things and life, but it also made me more cautious and fearful. He also suffered from suicidal thoughts and I worried every day that I’d never see him again. Thankfully we are both free from this abuse but sadly, it ended our marriage before that could happen.

This particular project shows a woman in the beginning stages of depression and follows her through alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs until she ultimately chooses to end her life.

There are also metaphorical images which shows what’s happening inside her mind and what she thinks will happen to her “soul” when she dies.

Secluded in the Crowd

Time to Drown the Thoughts

Drinking Alone

Trapped in My Own Thoughts

Hiding From Life

Getting Some Shut Eye

Can’t Look at the Light

Drinks of Choice

Mind of the Addicted

One Last Cigarette


Into the Darkness

Peaceful Slumber

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Time to Wake Her Up



Love Torn Apart

Emerging to Freedom