Jocelyne Jeannot’s parents met in NYC as artists selling their work on the street. Growing up, she explored various mediums with the scrap supplies around her including painting, drawing, sculpture, millinery and photography. Her award winning hats were featured in press outlets across New York City and the world. While her interests are diverse, artistic expression remained as a stable force her life. One that continuously inspires and challenges her to push the limits of her imagination.

Jocelyne’s photography series, Defying Gravity is a collaboration with dancers interacting with locations in all five boroughs of NYC. The title Defying Gravity emerged from how she witnessed their bodies not only leap, but balance off the ground in ways that seem to defy what’s possible. In Defying Gravity, dancers transport their audience into a dreamland.

Jocelyne’s challenge and obligation as a photographer is to transform their bodies, the medium for their artform from a three dimensional movement into a two dimensional image that conveys their personal expression.

Jocelyne’s style and range of photography is diverse and beyond dance includes landscape, nature, event, portraiture, travel and documentary style photography including a city at night series, titled “nightwalking.”






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Defying Gravity: Hiroko Uchino

Defying Gravity: Kerime Jessica Konur

Defying Gravity: Hiroko Uchino

Defying Gravity: Landé Lo Asiru

Defying Gravity: Callie Eidler and Rukmani Nayyar

Defying Gravity: Lindsey L Miller

Defying Gravity: Hiroko Uchino

Defying Gravity: Danielle Landau & Callie Eidler

Defying Gravity: Hiroko Uchino