Recently, analog photography has been making a comeback, but whether you are a professional or an amateur, you had to be a nocturnal alchemist if you wanted to develop your own film. Until now. This compact tank, called LAB-BOX is actually a portable darkroom that allows you to develop film anywhere and anytime, even in full daylight!

LAB-BOX supports 135 and 120 format films and the whole process is as easy as the ABC. Simply insert the roll into an appropriate module, wind it onto the reel, pour in the developing liquid and agitate.

Its developers ars-imago are currently crowdfunding LAB-BOX on Kickstarter. A single module version is available for €89 ($94), and the dual module version stands at €109 ($115). The campaign is already a huge success: with 29 days remaining, people have pledged over €400k of the €70k goal.

More info: Kickstarter (h/t: designtaxi)