Imitation is the best form of flattery and these women knocked it out of the park by recreating their moms’ looks for this year’s Mother’s Day. If you ever thought that a lot of daughters look just like their mothers, imagine them dressing up in the same clothes, too—the similarities are uncanny.

Most of the countries in the world celebrated Mother’s Day this Sunday, so we here at Bored Panda have found the best pics of daughters recreating their mothers’ style for this occasion. Scroll down, upvote your faves, and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever dressed up like your parents, dear Pandas. And when you're done enjoying this list, take a look at our article about teens who wore their moms' vintage prom dresses decades later.

When you mention Mother’s Day to someone, things can get a bit confusing. While the odds are that any person you talk to celebrates it on the second Sunday of May, this isn’t always the case. For example, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, and Romania celebrate the day on the very first Sunday of May, instead.


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Bored Panda spoke with Paige Leneigh about how she recreated her mom Coya Robinson's looks for Mother's Day.
“I was inspired to recreate my mom’s photos after she showed me some photos of her from the ’90s at my age the week before Mothers’s Day!” Paige told us. “I was more in awe about how we had the same aura/swag at the same age as well as looks.”
She thought that with everyone in quarantine, it would be creative to surprise her mom by recreating her photos after she had briefly mentioned this idea. “I don’t think she expected me to create it that quickly,” Paige said.
“I just casually posted the collages not thinking about retweets just as a nice Mother’s Day post and tribute to her, but it quickly started to become retweeted and liked by many all over the world. Before you know it my tweet had over 613k likes and over 52k retweets! Then several big Instagram pages started to repost our photos as well. My friends were calling and messaging me about how crazy this was blowing up. I had so many notifications in different languages, I couldn’t believe it,” she shared how she didn’t expect her Mother’s Day tribute to have such a global impact.
Paige is a fashion designer and a stylist, so it wasn’t too difficult to find the clothes to recreate her mom’s looks. “I kind of put my own fashion twist to some of the photos like adding Gucci tights to the fireplace picture to show the evolution in fashion today. I truly love how fashion comes back around and it was quite easy to find her same looks from the ‘90s. I even wore her same exact pearl necklace she had on in one of her photos. Within the same week of this Mother’s Day post, I actually went viral on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter for a styling video I created,” she added.
“I love how people are saying they are inspired to create this for not only for their moms, but their dads too. The compliments about my mother and I are so heartwarming! My mom and I decided to take a then vs. now comparison picture of the both of us from my mom in the 90’s in the exact same dress she wore back then. We decided to create a hashtag #ThrowbackMiniMeChallenge for people to use so we’re able to see all the recreations.”
We were also interested to find out what traditions for Mother’s Day Paige and her family have. Here’s what the fashion designer said: “For Mother’s Day, my family and I usually make all the meals for my mom to give her a complete day off, make her favorite treats, and give her a thoughtful gift! My family is big on spending time together.”
Paige said that a lot of people on Twitter wanted to see what her mom looks like right now, so they uploaded a collage of a few pictures. “They were blown away about her age (47 years old), having four daughters and her ability to maintain her timeless looks and style years later. We plan on using my fashion TikTok platform with over 23k followers to create mom and me styling videos and my new YouTube Chanel to answer questions our new followers may have.”

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However, Norway’s the country that celebrates how awesome moms are the earliest: Mother’s Day happens on the second Sunday of February which was February 9 in 2020. Meanwhile, in Georgia, Mother’s Day happens on March 3.

There are some countries like Russia, Afghanistan, and Vietnam who even combine International Women’s Day (March 8) with Mother’s Day into one mega-occasion.

The UK picked the fourth Sunday in Lent, known as Mothering Sunday, for theirs while a lot of countries in the Middle East like Iraq and Syria have chosen the March 21st, the Spring Equinox, to honor moms.

Even though we’re used to Mother’s Day happening around springtime, some nations don’t do this. For instance, Mongolia celebrates moms on the first day of Summer—June 1, aka Children’s Day.


Argentina’s Mother’s Day, Día de la Madre, happens on the third Sunday of October; in North Korea, it’s celebrated on November 16; and Indonesia is the last in line, honoring moms near the end of each year, on December 22.


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