Throughout the ages, dandelions have been woven into folklore and have become a positive symbols with a variety of meanings. Some believe that dandelions have truly magical properties and bring good luck.

My name is Lena and I am owner/maker of botanical jewelry shop called as FancyHandmadeArmenia. I am from Armenia, land of mountains.

I make jewelry using different kind of natural elements. But the most lovely collection in my shop is “Dandelion Collection”. The second name of collection is “Make a wish”.

Dandelion seeds are considered to be symbols of hope, summer and childhood.

Folklore says that blowing the feathery little seeds off a dandelion will carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one or will grant you a wish!

These tiny terrariums filled with love and magical dandelion seeds will bring you good luck and happiness. Flowers inside of bottles were carefully dried using a variety of techniques and will never die.

Never stop making wishes and never stop believing in magic.

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Dandelion seed necklace

Stud earrings with dandelion seeds

Unique acorn necklace

Dandelion seed earrings

Tiny terrarium with dandelion seed

Dandelion seed ring

Make a wish necklace

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