Lacey’s youngest son Kaden has been drawing since he was a little boy… And what’s his favorite thing to draw? His best friend, Ellie.

When little Ellie had to go to the hospital to undergo a surgery, Kaden wanted to do something really special for his favorite friend. He told his mom he wanted to make a doll for Ellie, filled with love and care, that would bring her comfort and joy. Kaden drew two pictures: one of himself and one of Ellie, so the two of them could play together even while Ellie was away!

More info:

Kaden and Ellie with their Budsies!

Kaden drawing a picture of his BFF Ellie

Kaden shows off his drawings

Kaden and his mini-me

Kaden measures his Budsie… at 16″ tall!

Kaden and his Budsie about to take a nap