Hammy The Hamster is on a mission to help rebuild the Kids Castle playground in Doylestown Pennsylvania that was designed for children of all abilities – including those assisted by mobility devices or who have autism.

Hammy hopes to grab people’s attention with his super cuteness. His kid owner & photographer takes photo’s of Hammy’s adventures to post on his Instagram and Youtube.

Can a kid’s mission make sure all kids can play combined with the super cuteness of Hammy Save this Playground? One thing is for sure – no one is ever too small to raise awareness for a cause so special to them!

More info: savekidscastle.org | Instagram

Hamming it up in the bakery

Hammy is gonna use his smarts trying to rebuild the Kids Castle Playground

Having fun at the beach

Channeling Hammy’s darth side

Trying out a new fur do


Enjoying a royal treat

Bicycle day!

If Hammy can build a bear do you think he can build a playground?

Enjoying bath time

Enjoying eating out