Cats, just like humans, fall into a spectrum of personalities, with some being smug little jerks and others complete idiots. And yet we cannot help, but love them, especially when they fill our lives with wholesome moments. Ozzy, a lovely Siamese/Tabby mix is here to steal everyone’s hearts away with his surprising fondness for peaches.

Yes, you read that right, this kitty really really likes peaches! Lydia Coutré, a journalist from Cleveland, tweeted about Ozzy and peaches back on August 1 and people instantly fell in love with the adorable feline. “The family first noticed his love of peaches in 2014, the first time he was around for peach season. My mom says it was love at first smell.” Lydia told Bored Panda. Everyone loved Ozzy so much that some went as far as to drawing fanart of him! Scroll down below to check it out and maybe you’ll be inspired to draw a piece of your own!

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On August 1, a journalist from Cleveland Lydia Coutré tweeted about her parents’ cat

She explained that he, for some odd reason, really liked peaches!

“My mom says it was love at first smell,” Lydia told Bored Panda

Lydia shared some information about Ozzy and his habits

And we can’t help but love this lil’ fella!

“The family first noticed his love of peaches in 2014, the first time he was around for peach season”

Ozzy doesn’t try to eat the peaches, even if there are plenty around

“At one point, my parents tried putting the peaches out to ripen in the basement in nice and neat rows” she said

“It wasn’t long before Ozzy found them anyway, and there was a cat-sized hole in the middle of the table of peaches”

So Lydia’s parents just accepted Ozzy’s behavior and indulged him

Peaches are this feline’s ‘happy place’

“Ozzy is a social, playful, loving kitty” Lydia explained

“When he’s not guarding peaches, he likes sunbathing, squirrel watching and snoozing in someone’s lap”

And it sure looks like the fuzzy fruits make Ozzy feel peachy keen!

People loved this sweet kitty so much they even drew fan art of him

While others chimed in with their own experiences