A few years ago, we (writer Ehud Lavski and illustrator Yael Nathan) began creating short comics and uploading them to the internet. So far, our comics have been read over 20 million times and many people have a strong emotional response when reading them.

The ideas for these comics come from everywhere. Some appear fully formed. Some come from dreams. Others from nightmares. Whenever an idea burrows into my head and refuses to let go, I know it’s time to turn it into one of our stories.

Below are our latest works. The three of them (like a lot of our stories) are fairy tales in a way: an old man with vengeance on his mind, a dangerous comic book, and a barren couple going on vacation. Just like children, these stories are very different from each other, but we love them all equally. We really hope you’ll like them.

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A Wicked Man