We are Punny Pixels – the brainchild of a designer and a writer. Notoriously famous amongst our friends for having a pun for every situation, we instantly hit it off when we met each other in the advertising industry. You could say we bonded on the fact we could both speak in puns.

We illustrate puns and word play in a visually captivating way. Plus, it’s a creative outlet for us that doesn’t involve making the logo bigger or the copy more boring.

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Let’s strike up a love that burns like fire

Mood swinging

Because vacuum sucks

Have a killer week ahead!

Cloudy with a chance of genius

Hello hot stuff

Trick or trigonometry!

What goes up must touch down!

Here comes the pun, doo doo do do

Where the fun goes on forever!

It’ll bring her to tears

Tom on a cruise

The daily press

Do you like your eggs punny or scrambled?

The plumbers were the original u-tubers y’all!

H₂O so sweet!

All is fair in love and warcraft

Thank God it’s f**king Friday!

It’s a sine. You’ve been in the sun too long cos you’ve got a tan!