A creative team at gyro – a global business-to-business advertising agency – decorate and personalize notebooks to give away as prizes to students. The agency’s Executive Creative Director Kash Sree hosts 10-week courses on behalf of the AdHouse school in New York City as a way to teach people how to concept and put together creative portfolios.

Each week, the students are given a brief that they have to create advertisements for. A week later, they are personally critiqued at the agency itself. And each week the best execution is deemed “The Ad of the Week.”

As a way to reward and motivate the students, as well as give them a glimpse of the agency’s unique and unconventional culture, the team decided that each week’s winner would be gifted a personalized gyro notebook.

Taking days to curate and design, each notebook has its first and last two pages adorned with works of wisdom, drawings, doodles, affirmations, origami, insults, jokes, advice, and pure creativity from everyone in the agency – from the receptionist to the CEO.

The notebooks have soon become sought-after prizes in the class as students attempt to repeat their wins during the course. The team was surprised by just how impressive some of the notebooks were. In fact, they found some of them hard to hand over because they turned out so beautiful.