Kim Whittemore is a North Dakota-based digital artist specializing in surreal photo composites. What does that mean? She uses Photoshop as a tool to layer pieces and parts of many different photos to create a new surreal image.

Kim says, “In my compositions I use photographs, illustrations, and even ‘3D sculpts’ made in zBrush. I’ve made collections of hundreds of surreal images that share my crazy imagination, and sometimes I even build different worlds that I’d love to live in. Animal humor is a particular interest of mine, and I love to place them in human situations, using puns and visual jokes to bring them to life.”

She adds, “Recently, I was lucky enough to be commissioned by St. Thomas Greetings to design a line of humorous greeting cards called ‘The Funny Farm’ which is right up my alley and the most fun I’ve ever had as an artist!”

More info:

“Geek Love”

“When You Need a Friend, I’ll Be By Your Side”

“How to Get Chicks”

“First Flight”

“I Can Be My-Selfie Around You”

“Making Snow”

“It’s All Unraveling”

“Do Something Adventurous”

“Bathing in the Light”

“A Fish Line”