The internet is awash with ‘bad cops’ these days, abusing their power by pulling people over for the slightest misdemeanors and getting overly physical with arrests. These viral videos lead to horribly skewed perceptions however, as the cops involved are only a tiny minority among the vast majority of honorable and dedicated police officers.

Because unfortunately videos of good-natured, friendly cops doing a stand-up job just aren’t as interesting apparently. So here we are to address the balance in a small way!

Florida resident Angelica Smith was driving along when she was randomly pulled over. “License, insurance, and registration, please.” Luckily for her however, she knew this particular cop very well indeed. “This does not happen regularly,” Angelica told Bored Panda. “Typically he’ll call me if he’s in the area and we’ll either meet up for lunch or during his break so he can not only see me, but also see his 2-year-old grandson.”

Angelica’s dad seems to be a much better cop than he is an actor, struggling to keep a straight face throughout the hilarious and cute exchange. “This wasn’t staged in any way,” Angelica explained. “I actually had no idea it was my dad UNTIL he stepped out of the car, then I started filming. The banter exchange was not planned, what you’re seeing is real and just the type of humor we share in our relationship.”

Scroll down below to see the video of the ‘incident.’ Also, please feel free to share your own ‘good cop’ stories in the comments!

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