My name is Alexandra Wall and I am the founder and creative director of Xandra Jane, which in itself is an emerging Cardiff based contemporary and sustainable ready to wear brand.

Debut collection ZERO presents an oversized, exaggerated and a dramatic take on the classic chunky knit jumper, elevating that staple piece in your wardrobe and pairing it with a jersey knit co-ordinate to match. All the while ensuring not one scrap of fabric goes to waste.

Xandra Jane aims to reconnect you to your clothing. Each item is accompanied with a unique journey card outlining information from where the fabric is sourced to who hand crafted the custom yarn and how long the process takes to create such a luxury piece.

More info:

Natural & Slate

A journey of one of our jumpers starts with sourcing our fabric from Leicester…

…before hand cutting and creating the custom yarn which takes two days in our Cardiff based atelier

Black Jersey Knit Jumper with Slate Short

The yarn is then sent to Cornwall where it is hand knitted on custom made needles by the finest artisan

Slate Jumper paired with Slate Skirt

On return delivery to the atelier each piece is inspected to ensure it meets the Xandra Jane level of perfection

Before being sent out to you!