Hi fella… My name is Lulu, I am from Switzerland and I am turning 26 this year. I’ve been suffering from DPDR (depersonalization/derealisation disorder) since a little over 3 years. I was diagnosed around 2 years ago. DPDR is not very well known because it’s a weird and hard to describe mental disorder and people often suffer in silence.

DPDR can be a diagnosis on its own but in often cases it‘s also a symptom of another mental disorder such as anxiety, dissociative disorders, etc… It‘s often caused by smoking weed, trauma and other things.

For me, DPDR is a 24/7 thing. For the first year, I suffered in silence and was unable to do anything. I could not describe what I was going through… People who don’t have this disorder often just don’t understand.

So I made these comics for all of you who suffer from it, or maybe feel strange and can’t explain why, and for friends and family members who don’t have it to get a better understanding.

All of these illustrations may look cute and everything does not really sound terrible, but let me tell you – DPDR is hell and I would never wish this on my worst enemy!

I hope my comics help someone out there!

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Strange me in a strange world

Spacing out

Vision problems


Is this really me?

Who are you?