Here are some snippets from my new book SISTER BFFs. It’s all about how supportive, yet annoying, and enjoyable yet horrible sisters can be.

I have been writing these comics over a number of years and most of the stories are at least party true (unless they make me look bad!)

There are 144 pages of comics in the book. My sister approved these being published even though I did not draw her in a flattering way at all!

I am a comics artist and I work in several mediums and styles. My last book SOPPY looked quite different to this one and was about me and my boyfriend. I like to make comics about real life. Hope you enjoy them!

More info:

As your sister I’m always your best hairstylist

I’m glad my sister is always near

My sister always has nice things to say

My sister is a lovely, pleasant person

My sister helps support my goals

I don’t always know what I’m doing with my life

My sister makes me feel better

And we always have our memories of playing with Beanie Babies!