Hi! I'm Starla, an artist living in Austin, TX! When painting, it takes me anywhere from an hour to 5 years to complete. It normally depends on the inspiration and how easily it is flowing through me. Sometimes it is incredibly easy! Then sometimes I question if I have talent, but something interesting still always shows up on the canvas.

I draw inspiration from my faith. I tend to paint my faith through animals as the subject matter. I give people a glimpse of a place that doesn't exist in this world. Being able to create freely and express myself through my art is truly a joy that I never want to take for granted.

More info: starlamichelle.com | Facebook

#1 Z Is For Zebra

Z Is For Zebra


Nina Fitzgerald 2 years ago

http://www.starlamichelle.com/shop-1/ this is where you can buy!!

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#2 C For Cow

C For Cow


Lou Wow 2 years ago

Innocent eyes!

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#3 N For Nyala

N For Nyala


Seema Jain 1 year ago

Your style is simply fascinating

#4 Charmed II

Charmed II


Yvonne Bernal 2 years ago

Your inspiration from your faith is some kind of wonderful. I cannot quit staring at this one <3

#5 Pet Portrait I

Pet Portrait I


Janice Nowicki 2 years ago

Have you met my little dog Kota? This is how she appears in my minds eye ;)

#6 M Is For Monkey

M Is For Monkey


#7 Fancy Fox

Fancy Fox


Kaileigh the Kitsune 2 years ago


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#8 Night & Day

Night & Day


#9 Flutter On Beautiful I

Flutter On Beautiful I


MyDesigns4You Nail Art 1 year ago


#10 The Long Stare

The Long Stare


Albert Paul Fetalino 2 years ago

I love this